Friday, August 23, 2013


Click here and lets experiment :-)

Dear Travelers,

I did some experiment on one of my travel around the world, this time in Hamburg Germany. I set my camera hidden, exposing only the street and the view of "Rathaus" a council house government building.

As I saw a lot of beggars in Europe with a lot of gimmick's I tried to played like them. Using my iPhone as my instrument, I will be playing "Fur Elise" Ludwig van Beethoven's popular composition as my music, then using my Bose wireless speaker to boost the sound and of course placing my hat as a basin for collecting money. (if ever someone decided to give :-P)

There are only three persons passing by the streets while I'm playing the music, some of them drop coins and one of them drop the big deal of money!! And how much would be?


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Where on earth is Rinell?

A story of a Filipino who once dreamed of traveling the world....

One day I told to myself that I will travel the world!  Do you remember yourself when you were a child asked by your parents or teachers the famous question  "What would you like to be when you grow up?" and yes I still remember that "I want to be a Pilot!" as I wanted to travel the world at my very young age.

Everyone is asking me how did you do it? Are you rich? What kind of job is traveling and getting paid? These are some of the questions that I would like to answer but I can't disclose it. I signed an agreement between the company about confidentiality. A contract that will zip my mouth and protect the company's privacy. I have no against the policy because I respect the company and the people I worked with.

But how can I share my travel experiences to the world? "Pinoy Travel Channel" is born a personal documentary of my travels around the world. I blog, vlog, interviewing locals, eating local and exotic foods, plunging to the arctic and antarctic seas, driving a zodiac finding my way out of the icebergs, dancing and singing on the streets, riding a camel, swimming with the dolphins, going to Polynesia, Melanesia, Northwest Passage, White Sea and Antarctica for an Expedition, watching Lebron James as he dunk in front of me, these are the only few experiences that I share on my channel.


Sunday, August 04, 2013

Conquering Dublin by a Bike

Dear Travelers,

Dublin is ideally situated between the mountains and the sea where just a 20 minute journey will bring you from the bustling city to the charming coastal towns and villages which dot the coastline providing boundless opportunities for golf, water sports, seafood, dining and picturesque walks. A little further and you'll reach the Dublin Mountains where hiking, biking and walking trails are in abundance.

Guinness Storehouse retained the top spot for a second year running in the listing of Ireland's top visitor attractions. The iconic Dublin attraction was closely followed by Dublin Zoo, while The National Gallery of Ireland continues its dominance of the free attractions in the capital.

Below are some of my pictures that will tell you stories.

Some of the students I met while exploring Dublin, they were also a Tourist a first timer in this beautiful city. 

I successfully reached the Aviva Stadium, as I raised my bike as a display of making a statement "I conquered Dublin." 
The stadium is located adjacent to Lansdowne Road railway station, officially opened on 14 May 2010. The stadium is Ireland's first and only UFFA Elite Stadium and in 2011, it hosted the Europa League Final. Some concerts held in the stadium artist's like Lady Gaga.

The girls from Liverpool visiting Dublin met by a chance and offered me a can of mixed berry cider. We were chatting about our experience in the city and enjoying the music and people passing by in front of us.

Met this young pretty artist girl named Katrina with his boyfriend. She is from Spain and was a street painter traveling around the world. Behind us is some of her art works.

Welcome to Dublin’s tour of terror! The Lady in White, graveyard torturers and grizzly ends on church grounds... Allow us to put you at your unease on The Dublin Ghostbus Tour.

A Gothic interior, blood red velvet curtains and a driver and guide in tune with the afterlife. This is no scary movie, folks – this is for real.

It’s a little known fact that Dublin was home to one of horror fiction’s most famous names: Dracula author, Bram Stoker. Learn about his origins as the tour creeps through Dublin’s darkened streets.

First Glance video of Dublin Ireland

Your Tour Guide,