Sunday, November 25, 2012

Body Painting at Daranak Falls Philippines

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Dear Travelers,

While on my vacation at my home country the Philippines I've got the chance to meet the famous Jay Dalupang a Filipino Body painter Artist through Facebook.

I was excited to meet him and of course to be body painted for the first time. When I called him it was a rush decision to meet somewhere and do body painting. I was suggesting that we do this at the Luneta Park but it was so hot that the painting could immediately fade, so he suggest we go to a falls and we end up at the Daranak Falls which is majestic place to do this body painting at the same time promoting our beautiful country Philipppines. I'm using my car and it was a zigzag road like going to Baguio City.

We were talking about what design should he paint for me and I suggested that since I'm traveling I want a world on the center of my chest and 4 different famous landmarks that I have visited. Time is limited so we decided to put only the names of the country on the lower part of my body. It was a long day but we enjoyed the moment talking and admiring the beauty of the falls serenading us by it's sound. I almost end up sleeping.. LOL! 

I thank Jay Dalupang for this wonderful experience and becoming one of his friends.. More power to you and God Bless!

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Your Tour Guide,