Saturday, October 26, 2013

The 5 Signs you are a Traveler at Heart

1st - World Map

Recently I bought a World Map and posted into my living room, it is a fun way of tracking your travels by pinning the Countries or Cities you have visited. I pinned my first one which is my home country the Philippines then followed by a random pinning from the seven continents in the world. In total I pinned 88 countries and 101 cities so far and still pinning the ones that I had forgotten. What an accomplishment for an ordinary guy who dreamed of traveling the world. Visitors are amazed about how cool it is to see and use it as a tool of inspiration to conquer your dreams.

2nd - Fridge Magnet Collection

A refrigerator magnet is an ornament attached to a small magnet which is used to post items such as shopping lists or notes and now it became a popular collection for a traveler like me. The first thing I look for when I'm visiting a country is a fridge magnet and collecting it is very addictive. Colorful fridge magnets comes in a wide variety of forms and shape, some are made out of wood, stone, plastic, metal or rubber. It's a perfect souvenir and collection.

3rd - Globe Stand

Circle, Round, Ball a description that a traveler would firstly think about is planet Earth. My house would never be complete without a Globe Stand. I love spinning the globe and searching for the countries I visited or places that I would like to visit someday. It is a symbol of happiness and contentment, a world that I can hold a trophy of my success.

4th - Money Collection

I love collecting paper bill and who would not like to collect them if you are a traveler?  This is definitely a sign that you are a traveler at heart! Expensive though but it's worth it, I have a paper bill that is out of the circulation, one is from Italy they called it "Italian Lire" a money that you would be an instant millionaire, because a million Lira is equivalent to $500 dollar bill.

5th - Travel Blog/Vlog

Pinoy Travel Channel is born! A documentary of my travels around the world. The reason why I made this blog/vlog because of my family. My job keeps me  away from home for 8 months, and since I missed them a lot, my idea is to make a video and write something about my travels so they will not missed out what is happening about my life abroad at the same time they will be informed and learn something about the places, cultures and countries that I have visited. 

One of my documentary video 
traveling around the world!

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Friday, October 11, 2013

The White Sea Expedition

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Dear Travelers,

Let me share you my 15-Day White Sea Expedition last June 2013. A Journey to the White Sea & Russian Arctic National Park an extraordinary experiences that satiate my thirst for infinite enrichment and knowledge, My voyage through the natural treasures of the Barents Sea and the seldom visited Russian Arctic National Park.

Every aspect of this detailed expedition will fascinate the readers and bring to life this fascinating part of the world. Adding to the exclusivity and excitement of this expedition I will access remote locations. Drive a Zodiac boat maneuvered it to explore the Journey of a Lifetime.

The expedition departs from Kirkenes, Norway, heads into the interior of the White Sea, then embarks on an ambitious voyage over 700 miles due north into the Arctic ice before entering Russian Arctic National Park. Following unparalleled exploration of the National Park, I will sail back across the Barents Sea into Norway to complete the expedition.

During the expedition, I was engaged with naturalists and Russian experts through captivating lectures and presentations to discover enticing aspects of Russian culture and history, while encountering the magnificence of this remote landscape.

An expert of expedition team hired to share those breadth of knowledge and broad skill. This team will provide hands-on experience and insight into the region’s rich history, culture, geography, eco-systems
and more as well as conduct excursions during the expedition. Lectures and other onboard experiences will add to the overall cultural immersion into the region.

Expedition Highlights

• Traveling through the Barents Sea – Arctic ports such as Arkhangelsk (Russia) and Murmansk (Russia) that edge the Barents Sea are typically ice-bound for five months of the year, but by visiting in early summer they can be seen at their best and offer opportunities to explore at leisure or by one of several organized shore experiences. During the course of sailing the Barents Sea, I can seek out the whales, seabirds and diverse species that ply these Arctic waters.

• Voyaging through the legendary White Sea – An inland seaway classified as internal Russian waters, the White Sea has a rich history that spans hundreds of years yet is maintained in the present day through many museums, galleries, countryside monasteries, historical forts, and local music and dance – all quite impressive considering the White Sea is frozen five months of the year.

Exploring the Solovetsky archipelago including Solovki and Anzerskiy Islands – I will arrive by Zodiac on Solovki and land adjacent to the walls of the iconic Solovetsky Monastery complex and the eight-tower kremlin that originally dates back to the 1430s. Now restored to its former glory, the monastery (which through the ages has been a church, prison, fortress and home to political exiles, artisans and clergymen) is a federal state memorial and museum.

An excellent hiking opportunities (such as ascending Verbokolskaya “Mountain” on Anzerskiy, the highest point in the archipelago), appreciating spectacular views of the tundra and broad seascapes, visits to Golgotha and Holy Trinity Monasteries (also on Anzerskiy), and Zodiac cruising to view seabirds.

• Chapoma River and Cape Kanin – Of particular note, the tiny “Pomor” village on the Chapoma River – a small authentic village that typifies daily life in this region.

After Cape Kanin, the last outpost of mainland Russia, I will skirt the ice edge looking for polar bears, seals, walrus and whales as it traverses the island of Novaya Zemlya before entering Russian Arctic National Park. Time and conditions permitting, Zodiac cruising will enable a first-hand visit to the icescapes of the midnight sun.

Russian Arctic National Park – Formed in 2009, this new national park encompasses sea ice, Arctic shores, mountainous peaks and glaciers. Residents & Guests will be among the first visitors to the National Park, enjoying island bird rookeries and a landing at North Cape to find glaucous gulls, Arctic terns, snowy owls, geese, eider ducks, among other animals including the polar bear. The National Park aims to preserve the natural habit of these animals as well as the cultural heritage of the area.

My Recent Expeditions

My Recent past expeditions have included an historic and record breaking voyage of Canada’s Northwest Passage (August/September 2012), Polynesia (May 2012), Melanesia (April 2012, Antarctica (December 2010/January 2011),Greenland (September 2010), and Papua New Guinea (November 2009).