Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ARCTIC POLAR PLUNGE (Franz Josef Island)

Dear Travelers,

Are you ready to jump at -1 degrees of freezing ice cold water into the Arctic Sea?

Whoooo…. Splash!!!    Brrrrrr….. Oh my! Needles piercing all over my body, temperature were -1 degrees when I jumped into the freezing ice cold water, location were closely 10 degrees to the North Pole.  Last minute when I decided to jump, the icebergs were starting to join us in this craziest stunt of our lives, well we live only once right? So why not go for that thrill!

Why oh why they call us crazy, insane? Of course doing this stunt is dangerous, well you must consult your doctor first as it may injure you for sure.  We did this polar plunge exactly midnight as the sun still shining; they called it the midnight sun as we are in the North during summer.

See you  again on my next adventure!

Your travel buddy,


Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Bike Ride in ULVIK NORWAY

Dear Travelers,

It’s my first time to visit Ulvik located in an offshoot of Norway’s celebrated Hardangerfjord. It is a low-key summer resort popular with hikers and fishermen alike. Late spring fills the air with the scent of blossoming fruit trees, a harbinger of the sweet cherries, pears, plums and apples.

I was planning to take my bike climb up to the mountains and descend back slowly to see the stunning view of the place, but before that I met two young ladies playing a dwarf size chess board located just in front of the town’s white-clad church. They were very shy when I approached them; well it’s a normal reaction of people meeting a stranger. I won their trust by talking & interviewing them, not only that we had a wonderful time dancing making the chessboard as our dance floor.

I was panting pushing the bike pedal hard to go climb up to the mountain but the breeze of the fresh air helped pump my lungs extending my last energy. The sun even though it was 9 in evening still accompanying me wanting me to pursue my idea to see the ice on top of the mountain.

I failed to reach the top of the mountain but on the other hand won as I can see the beauty of Ulvik on the bird’s eye view like a paradise, a very quiet and peaceful place, the combination of earth colors and the sound of the birds chirping as if they were singing to me, the wind caresses me gently as I continue to breath slowly.

Your Tour Guide,

Ulvik Norway Video